What is wireless Router and difference b/w Router and Switch

Wireless Routers announces the launch of its Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router. The Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router provides customers with high-speed WiFi connection which offers seamless internet connectivity in hotel rooms and airports. Belkin’s latest launch is an ultimate solution for professionals traveling frequently. The product allows users to create a personal hotspot for laptops, smartphones, and tablets

The Travel Router’s compact design makes it easy to pack, and it comes with a handy, stylish travel case that neatly holds its Ethernet cable and power supply. Also included are the interchangeable power plugs that let the user power it up anywhere in the world.

Definition of Wireless Router

Wireless Router can be defined simply as an electronic component which is used to connect your multiple computers together and with an external network.

This is a hardware device that router data (hence the name) from a local area network (LAN) to another network connection. A router acts like a coin sorting machine, allowing only authorized machine to connect to other computer systems. Most routers also log files about the local network activity.


Definition Broadband Router

A broadband router combines the features of a traditional network switch, a network firewall, and DHCP server Broadband routers are designed for convenience in setting up home networks, particularly for homes with the high-speed internet connection, Broadband routers also enable sharing of files, printers and other resources among home computers.

Important points about Wireless Router

1 A Wireless Router runs software that allows the device to move data from one network to another.

2 Router Operates at the Network Layer (OSI Model Later 3)

3 The Primary function of the router is to connect networks together and keep certain kinds of broadcast traffic under control

4 There are several companies that make routers: Netgear, Belkin, Linksys, Asus, Dlink, TpLink Etc…

Routing Kinds

1- Circuit Switching in telephone Network

2- Packet Switching in Internet

Pulling Router GUI-

1- Open Command Prompt with an Administration right

2- Type in IP configure

3- Check for the Default gateway IP Address, Which we will be using to pull the GUI of the Router

Router Vs Switch


1- A router is used to connect computers belonging to one network with those belonging to other networks.

2- As per the OSI model, a router is a network layer device, i.e. it operates at Layer 3

3- The router is much more sophisticated and intelligent network device, as compared to switches.

4- A router works on the principle of IP addresses.

5- A router’s inbuilt hardware makes use of routing algorithms to compute the best possible path for routing data packet across different computer networks.

6- Router have their own inbuilt operating system and they need to be configured before use.


1- A switch, on the other hand, connects different computers within one network.

2- unless it is a multi-layer switch, a network switch operates at layer 2 ( Data Link Layer).

3- In comparison with the router, Switches are less sophisticated and less intelligent.

4- A switch works on the basis of MAC addresses.

5- A switch does not perform any such activities.

6 Most switches do not require any prior configuration and are usually ready to use


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